Friday, September 18, 2015

The Final Memories.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going???  Me, I am doing okay. Sometime last night after my usual silliness, Lisa's Dad died. So she has lost both parents in a short amount of time. She was close to her Mom, but not really her Dad, but it is her Dad.

My final memory of Mel and Marge as a couple were one Saturday working at the grocery store Marge was complaining about Mel. On his best days Mel can be a bear to live with according to his kids, and Marge lived with him during his worst. So she had some humorous things to say that one Saturday. Humorous to me anyway.

As it so happens the following Thursday after depositing my check I saw them both. Marge was getting ice cream for him at a near to my bank ice cream place. Marge and I exchanged a humorous couple lines about the Saturday before. I touched Mel's arm and told him to take care. I then got rained on as I biked home.

If you look back on Mel's life there isn't much. He had 3 kids he should have probably done much better with. 2 wives, and as it turns out I like Marge better than I did Jackie. A life approaching 80 years, and nothing to show.

That is what the path of us amounts to. You do this life thing for several decades, and then you die.

Look back at your life now??  What does it amount to??  What have you accomplished, and who cares???

Me, I haven't done crap, but I have done, and am doing what I am supposed to. Right now I am living like Adam. An imperfect person who has no clue what it means to eat the apple. I stand naked to all the things a person is "supposed" to be. It is not in my power to be perfect, and I am not. It is in my power to be secure in the garden of Eden without a worry in the World.

The choice is yours. A life of nothing the Mel way, or the life of little significance in the way I teach. It comes to a choice.

What you "think" is important versus what I know to be true.

A life of you compared to a life of giving of yourself.

A life of meaning versus a life of not.

I see the path of all lives after this last decade, and it leads nowhere but the grave. I don't think it wise to head to the grave without accumulating any points, with which you are absolutely powerless to accumulate.

It is still up to you though.



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