Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gotta Love A Good Sleep.

Hello, and good morning. I had a couple of days of good sleep. Yesterday I zonked pretty good for an hour after my early alarm, and today I zonked til 6:00AM. I fell like a million bucks. Today I am having a cup of coffee. For no reason I haven't had a cup in a few weeks, but it is chilly, so I thought I might enjoy the warm drink.

Other than that very little going on with me. I think I have a slightly pulled muscle in my right tricep area. It hurts when I carry trays, and I carry a lot of trays on any given work day. I really noticed it yesterday a lot. I think it is slightly pulled cuz it hurts like a bruise when I touch the muscle.

Today I work for around 5 hours give or take. Depends on how much there is to do. I will pick up something to cook for dinner after.

I did think of some things this morning before I got up. I was able to see a bit inside people. I see how your life looks. You want to feel happy, and you want to feel content, but there is a slight problem. Your heart is being pulled, and I am afraid that is not in the cards right now. For some of you it won't be in the cards anyway, cuz you will take the wrong path, and your heart will remain hard and angry. You will find no forgiveness, and you will not be able to forgive.

Others will take the proper way, and that too is a hard way, but it is worth everything.  So when people are all dark inside, and they cannot or will not share of themselves, I guess I was still able to get a bit of insight. Without help this thing was never ever going to work anyway, because I can only do so much, but with help the sky is the limit.

So I see the avenues before you, and I see how everything appears to be a dead end, except this one impossible way. It is the way of your heart, because that is what needs to be fixed, and isn't that a great conundrum. Us humans can do so much, but there sure is no exercise to give us better hearts.

So what can one do??  Either pretend they are better then they are, follow the path of lies, or do the scary one. Seek the reasons you are as you are. Find out about you.

I told you the truth ain't no joke, and I told you it was hard.

I guess we will find out those who have the courage to take the right path.




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