Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yesterday Was Kinda Fun.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  Geesh, I don't really have a politically correct sense of humor. Life is imperfect. I notice many people try to jump on some cause bandwagon. Do you notice they make their side into better people than the really are??

The causes in my opinion are wrong, because life is only about us as individuals. Throw your causes away cuz they won't matter when your 6' down. There will be no plaques in your name for being a hall of fame cause person.

Our lives do not amount more than one coin. I don't care what activities you do under the sun. Many have come before you, and all share your end. 6'under.

That is a serious thing, and it is something one should think about. Everybody is flawed, and everyone is imperfect, and none are so far away they cannot become the thief.

I would say the religious leaders, and the suit wearers are very very very far away, cuz they have the respect of their peers, and have no need to question themselves.

You were born into this World, and it was for a purpose. You have to seek it out, because right now all of you are living a selfish life all about you.

You should question things, cuz there is no way you are as good as a person can be, and either am I.

My final thing I must do is go up and be judged, and not be judged favorably. I willingly do this, cuz it is my path. I then go where others before me went. It is the way to me being turned into the best I can be.

I will go for 3 days, and I will be judged as this is where I am now for eternity. I had a taste of it before, and this will not be a good time for me. Some of you may share in this, and it won't be a good time for you either.

Other than that I don't know how those days will be. I just willingly do this, and my path was made for me to be strong, and me to trust.

I am not who I would be if I didn't make the turn decades ago. I am not the author of my life, and that is a disconnect between you and I. You are still the maker of your path.

I cannot help you anymore than that. It is you as a solo person living your solo life.

It was the story of Abraham. One was more important than the other, and you have to trust he has the best intentions, although that will be battled the whole way.

It is easy for him, but hard for you, cuz you need strength, and trust. More than you can muster on your own.

Your life has been going down the wrong path for a long time. The farther you go the harder it gets.

It would be wise to start pondering these things.

Everything else is just silly really.

Anyways, that's all I got.



Luv ya's.   :)

MWAH.    :)))


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