Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Am Up Early...

I am up early as my title suggests, that wasn't the case the previous two days. I stayed in bed til I had to get up. I was genuinely tired. No idea why.

I have some stuff on my mind I guess. I'll try to spare you day to day type details, cuz that shit is boring. I don't give one flying fuck about my stupid day to day shit, and frankly all our lives are boring.

Since that is the case, and we don't want to deal with the hard shit of life many will go out and build their Great Wall of China in whatever form. It makes us look good. We have a plan. It is generally accepted as good by those who judge that type of shit.

The plans of the heart are flawed cuz you are not dealing with you. You aren't dealing with your life. All the important shit you hide. You know hiding is the one thing that is disliked the most. Everything is forgivable, but you have to come to the light.

It doesn't matter what stupid shit you do or have done. You can't hide. That is your only mistake.

You don't build a Great Wall as a way to make you perfect. The wall is no defense.

I really don't have much else to be honest.

Your plans are whack, cuz you miss the whole point. There is a fine line between hate and love. It is a choice.

Right now I know your choice.

Fear, and cowardice, and everything that the wrong choice entails.


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