Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Days This a Thing Seems Dumb...

That is how I feel this morning. Why bother with this thing. You probably know that though. I'd say this year I have done it a lot. Probably lately as much as I ever had. You look around though, and people still seek honor in Worldly things as if that is their ticket.

People have the answers to life. They know the correct direction. (Whatever it is in their mind to do). Out to prove to the World they are right, and unwilling to face the toughest question of all. What if everything, and I am wrong??

What if that is the case??  You wouldn't have the courage to change one thing would you??  The web of life we ALL get caught in is too hard to get out of, even if someone gave you good info.

All the important things I've stressed for years, trust, strength, etc... You don't have.

Maybe you are too old. Maybe I came too late, and maybe I will be the only one.

Makes it seem like these years have been a waste huh??

Some days go like this. I find the electronic World pretty boring.


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