Friday, August 21, 2015

Some Things I Thought About...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I got a good night sleep, and I feel pretty good. I did think of some things before I got up, and one of the things is words. Words do effect me different than you, because I am open, and my heart is not hard like yours. I think this blog here year after year breaks you down. My blog can be kinda sword'ish in nature, and a sword can penetrate the heart.

Also I thought of how you are. There are two pieces to you. The one that is out chasing wind in whatever fashion, and there is no end to the activities under the sun for you to do. Then there is this other person. Right here, and right now. You are all alone in the World cuz damn near everything about you is hidden. You have a past. It probably isn't perfect. You were a kid once, and went through puberty, and dealt with all that shit. You had heartbreaks, and stuff. You have a whole life to deal with, but you settle for being a wind chaser.

You need so much help to deal with the person that is you. Your life is all about you. Throw your marriage certificates away, cuz they matter none. Throw your diplomas away, cuz they don't matter one bit when you are 6' under. All the learning stops when you lie in the coffin so nothing in the longest run even matters.

The most important thing for you is to deal with you. Then you will be able to help others. So easy, but so hard, cuz the World beats you everywhere. You are not strong enough to beat all the traps the World has you under.

So much to do, and you need so much help. Makes all the wind chasing seem silly huh??

This life is hard, and even Solomon foresaw the grievous task those like me would have to undertake. I knew that a long time ago. Heck I knew it was a grievous task decades ago, and I didn't even know what these days would look like.

So anyway that is what I thought about today. How hard your hearts are, and how dark it is inside. Also I thought about the two yous. The wind chaser, and the important one.

This shit won't be fun, but can you imagine how great it is to unload all the Bullshit we carry??  Welcome to Life 101 where none of us are perfect, and we were born into a World where we get sucked up by Society, and false teachers everywhere.

The best part is we think we are right too. Ha!!  Now you see the impossible task, and you haven't even gone through the eye of the needle yet.

Crazy crazy.

I guess that is it.



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