Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why,Where, When, How???

So many questions in life. So many never even asked. You can ask those questions yourself, and when did your life become your own??  Why did you make the decisions you made??

You were born into this World, and born to follow along. Go to school, graduate HS, go onto College for some, get a career, maybe get married, maybe have kids.

Why do you think that is right?,  who told you??

I am not saying it is wrong, but at some point shouldn't we question things??  Remember way back when as part of my story, I threw everything out, cuz why should I just be a product if Society, and Civilization, when that is just a collection of things men and women thought up.

That is the recipe for my life. Seek a little truth, be willing to hold onto nothing, throw in a little death, my whole life ahead of me, and perhaps a lot of my shortcomings compared to who I wanted to be.

So my life at that point was singled out for a turn. It is what made me different. One thing I can say is I learned about all the bad things about life that bad Summer. I never really told no one about it, because there was no way I could. It was a for my eyes only type of thing, and still much of it is still.

My story did open up at some point, and I can tell you what I went through. Regardless of all you know me, because I know me. You don't know everything, but everything about me is known.

People know very little about you, and much just has to do with strength. We are supposed to act a certain way, and be a certain way. People judge, and our skeletons we'd just assume keep in our closets.

Life is a journey to be lived. One where we learn to not be afraid to show our life. My life is filled with imperfection as others are too, but I am not afraid of it. All my stuff is dealt with so I do not carry the burden of all my trash accumulated throughout the years.

I can only tell you everything was worth it, and I haven't even got what I originally set out to get. That is understanding.  Understanding comes where faith and perfection meet. It is like a mixture of oil and water kinda. I sorta always knew how that would be. I just didn't know what the days up to that point would look like.

Anyway, I said it in another place, but I added Natalie, and her twin sis Alyssia, as we became friends too for a bit. I'd add something special for them too, but don't really have anything yet. I thought a lot about that time during the last few days. All positive, and all good.

Anyways that is it for today!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.  Guess it is time to take the Hopester. Once again I said in another spot, but currently my runs are a mile out to a little foresty area. I then walk Hope for a bit there. I then run a half mile toward home, and it is just a short walk home. There will be no marathon pr's with this type of training, but I like it.

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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