Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just Sitting Here Wasting Time.

Omg this is such a waste of time. How can a person do something year after year, and for no reason??    Actually that isn't a horrible question. The reason I am able to go on and on is I am right. Everything I am about is right. Not because I am perfect, but because I believed when spoken to, and I was obedient. When I went up for the 2 of my 3 trials I was given the strength to overcome. When it came time to save myself or give up my life I was given the strength to put my life in better hands then mine. I have a whole story, and it has been decades in the making.

So I write this shit, and I let people know. It is my job. I've had to endure a lot, and I went through many ordeals. As it happens I've been given a lot so I give a lot. Actually I give it all. My whole life. The ups and downs. The things people may judge me for. I guess I've been given courage to do this stuff.

It is a good place to stand being on the right side of being right. Being assured of my ways, and the direction I go. I don't seek out the limelight, cuz I don't need it. I don't need the respect of my peers, cuz I have the acceptance of one stronger.

What are you going to tell me??  How is it your life is perfect??  What are the correct things you do 100% of the time??

I know a lot about you, because I know everything about me. I may not know girls as good as guys since I've never been one, but I know you suffer the same imperfections we all do.

I know you want to hide everything too. You have no way to stand in the light, because you are ALL dark inside, and the light terrifies you. To be human is to be like that. It just so happens you have a job to do too. You have to make a big step so you can be taken from darkness to light. You need much help, and much has to be given to you so you can take this journey.

So I write this and chuckle, because people will just sugar coat their shitty lives, because??

I am not really sure.

It is funny, because I am sitting at the head of the room, and everyone is in their underwear wearing a clown's hat and clown's shoes. Hell, you probably have something stupid on your nose too.

You really should be careful what you say, because I know things about life, and I know things about you that you don't.

You have gone exactly zero steps in your walk, and you are just turning in circles. Wisdom and understanding are nowhere near you.

Life and the World people have made is dumb. There is a way out of all this. It is a good way, but you just have this one thing to do first right??

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know.

Time is not your friend at this juncture, because the time of the World doesn't stop ever. And you are being pulled right now.

That is probably why my blog is invisible. People don't want to deal with the truth. That can be dealt with later right??  Plus I never knew it was this hard, and this scary.

Yep, well it is.

I am here telling you it is a good way. Be strong, trust. You know??

lOL. It is hard teaching a bunch of clowns who always sit in their underwear.  :)

Okay, time to take the hopester.


Laterzzzzzzzzzzzz. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

And some other stuff I don't feel like typing.

Bye.  :)  MWAH

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