Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Lessons We Learn...

Having lived my life, and having done the things I have done I realize life is a big and nutty thing.  It is something you were born to lose at. You were never ever going to come out of this perfect. So many things in our life can mess is up.

One for instance is our parents are not perfect, and that can be a big deal. We live with imperfect people when we have absolutely no clue about anything.

So the kid grows up. Experiments in stuff. Drugs maybe, alcohol, maybe, sex maybe.  If you are a guy you start thinking about sex and shit around puberty, and trust me we hit our peak there. That shit is hard.

Anyway life goes on. We have relationships and stuff. The World tells us maybe there is a perfect person out there for us. That's a lie, cuz no one is perfect. Maybe the World tells you to get married and have kids, although Solomon warns you against it.  Others later on too. As a matter of fact it says the journey you must take is easier if you are solo, because the lesson of Abraham is one was more important than the other. So Isaac was offered up as a test of obedience. Quite a bit of trust from Abraham huh??

You read all those stories and it is true. It is faith (believing when spoken to, and being obedient) that is reckoned (=) righteousness. Not by how great we are, and we are not great.
So we live a life, and whoever you are you have baggage. All this shit needs to be dealt with.

One of the lessons of my life is I was faithful. It is with great difficulty the righteous (faithful) are saved. (Bad summer, heimleblog, journey) how much more the sinner? (Unfaithful).  That is the lesson of the wait. People don't believe when given good information. They harden their hearts when given the information, cuz they would rather choose the World.

So they go out, and try to prove they are right, cuz they do this and that. They give a shit about such and such. Maybe cuz they work hard at something that equals zero points. I hate to tell you, the slaves in Egypt worked harder than you. The work they did was as important as whatever you do too.

Life has lessons, and I've learned many. I realize now this thing is completely impossible without help. My whole life after the turn is impossible without help.  I didn't always know I had help, until after the journey. 20 years after the turn give or take.

Eventually I'll have to offer myself up, and that is completely impossible too, but I have the best help.

So currently we are where we began with the wait. Nowhere.  Been doing it for years, and still nothing.

Ha!!   Now that is funny.


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