Thursday, August 13, 2015

Little Things...

I woke up early this morning, and I thought about stuff. It was a lot like yesterday. At first I wasn't in the greatest mood, but things became better. I thought of all kinds of stuff. I knew the title of my blog a couple hours ago. I think I will do as planned too. Make a list. It may be long.

  • When things get messy, I can still find strength inside me. 
  • Things are messy
  • I wear a unique pair of shoes, and you never walked in them. 
  • I once wore the same shoes everyone walks in who is born on this Earth. 
  • I know a lot about those shoes. 
  • You currently walk in those shoes. 
  • You battle every little thing to stay in those same crappy shoes. 
  • I teach you a way to get a unique pair of shoes. 
  • You don't want them. 
  • You have no idea how serious that is. 
  • Every race has one winner, and many others who didn't win. 
  • Timed goals are nice, cuz it is you, and your brains. 
  • You probably don't even care who wins, unless it is you I guess. 
  • I have a lot of time today, cuz I am driving to work. 
  • I have some errands to do after work. Get a haircut and stuff. 
  • It is a good idea to not think too highly of yourself. 
  • It is a pretty special gift to never think too lowly of yourself. 
  • If life is a balance we don't hold the scales. 
  • A life we make our own destiny leads to failure. 
  • An unwritten law. 
  • To walk in the shoes we were born in and think we are special is folly
  • The best parts about me you cannot see. 
  • The best parts about me I can feel inside. 
  • It is real. 
  • Being poor in spirit is only the tingling to the ankles. 
  • You still feel the tingling everywhere though. 
  • My next point is way too weird to tell you. 
  • So on I go. 
  • Since I am up way too early I may run a little farther today. 
  • I ran a little over 2 miles yesterday. 
  • It is not out of the realm of possibilities I try and get in 5k shape for thanksgiving. 
  • If I do it still isn't that important to me. Just something to do. 
  • Maybe a lot of low mileage runs is what I needed to get healthy this year. 
  • One other thing. Not being mostly spirit you feel nothing. 
  • It is just really dark inside. Hard to see stuff. 
  • It's been so long since I wore those shoes. 
  • A lot of life happened, and I had a mirror. 
  • The World looked ugly, and I wasn't that great of a person. 
  • So it was just the truth that made me seek for something else. 
  • The ugly truth. 
  • There is something better. 
  • People can't see it, but it is a physical thing. 
  • I can feel it, but there are no X-rays, or MRIs that will show it. 
  • That is pretty crazy and nutty. 
Anyway I guess that is it. 
I am not gonna put in the other stuff, cuz things are kinda messy. 

It ain't no thing to me. 

Laterzzzzzzz.   :)

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