Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's All Fun And Games.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I am up early, cuz I didn't really work too much yesterday, and actually I was done by 3:00 PM. So that is kinda nutty for me, and today I'll work for like 3-4 hours, and I have tomorrow off.

For those who read this, and I assume there are a couple, you may notice I don't do this thing as much as I used to. It occurred to me this morning the reason. It is because it is a waste of time. So then I started thinking about my life, and the things I do, and I realize I need to get over myself.

My whole life is a long string if wasting time. That is what life is. Our time on Earth is just that. I think that is what I have been saying, and the people still cling. Many people are salespeople. See, I do this and this and this so I matter. Kinda what I have been saying about the coin. Some, not all, are trying to sell themselves as a trillion dollar coin, and others are figuring it out.

The turn is trust. It basically states whatever the heck else that is on your mind is a waste of time. Those 12 had to believe. "Come follow me" means what??  Everything you do is a waste, but if you do this you can be worth something.

So I get it. I am a life holder who wastes a lot of time. If this blog ever did anything useful (doubtful) the time has probably passed.

I know myself, and I know who I am. I know what a life is worth, and sadly I know what yours is worth even if you don't. I know what all the activities under the sun are worth when you may not. I know many hearts are poisoned with lust and greed, and a desire for greatness. To be that trillion dollar coin.  

Of all the things in the World I'd say if you think you are that trillion dollar coin, and your life is that trillion dollar life, than you may be out of reach. I can't think of a worse way to be.

Anyhoooo, I am over myself.  This may be a waste of time, but so are our lives. We just are good at kidding ourselves.  Some people excel at that tbh.

That is my blog for today.

Nothing else needed to say or write today, because I don't like to waste my time.  :P


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