Monday, April 27, 2015

A Pretty Normal Day

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I had a pretty normal day yesterday. Normal in I worked, and ran, ate tacos, watched a movie, watched sportsing on tv. Also normal as I sorta could see life as you see it. Not totally, cuz I am not like you. Those days are long gone, and I don't have the hang ups you have.

I cannot be closed, and also you don't even know you are closed. It is very dark in you, because you don't have any light. Much help is needed for you to get rid of the darkness, and you don't even know the predicament you are in, because you have absolutely no idea how I am.

So on goes your lives, and as you start your Monday I KNOW things aren't perfect. This is life you know. I know you are missing something, because I once walked in your shoes. Life is going on how come things aren't getting better?

If the most important thing in the World is to become a good person (not a career) why wouldn't you follow that path??  You can't can you??  You can't see a life where you give up control can you??  There is security in how things are even if your heart is lacking.

I get it. Your struggle wasn't mine, cuz I wasn't really all that tangled in life. Death, and my shortcomings, and I was alone. It was no thing for me to want to find meaning at ALL cost. It did cost all too, but that all actually = nothing. I didn't know it then, but I sure know it now.

If it comes to you making the proper steps, and doing the proper things, I am sure I'll be all in. You going on the same path = life just isn't that interesting, and either are we quite frankly.

It is tough to be you cuz strength, and trust are impossibly hard it seems. At the end of the day though don't you want your life to mean something?? Isn't that worth everything??  Isn't being made into a better person worth all no matter how difficult??

The lessons you need to learn are hard lessons, but all this stuff will make you stronger. Right now you are very weak, cuz the World controls you. You are damn near powerless against it.

Oh well.

I am out. Cya later.

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