Sunday, April 5, 2015

Because If I Don't, Who Will??

The title says it all. That is what I thought about this morning. This here is a thankless job, and definitely one I didn't expect it to be the way it is. I am over that too. Why??  My purpose is more important than you. The reason for me doing what I do comes not from you, and probably doesn't need your acceptance.

I looked squarely at life this morning. I caught a quick glimpse of all the activities under the sun, and I had just a ridiculous thought about it. From which of these activities do you reckon you get points from?? I see it clearly, because I am different. I am not tied to the foolish wisdom one can only gather from society, and the acceptance of imperfect people. Points come from a higher purpose than your little life, but maybe you just can't teach people that.

Remember long ago I had a feeling my blog was a mirror. One in which you can look at yourself, and your life, and it will lead you in a good way.

This blog, and this mirror shows you are not perfect. It shows you how little your life is, and how insignificant we all are.

On this day I guess it is a good thing to see my blog, and what I do. I am imperfect, and still lack understanding. Remember there was one who came, and he had a good message. He was put to death for his message, cuz his message exposed the World. The a World hates the light, because the truth is the enemy of the World. The a World is full of pomp and ceremony. The World will have you think you are good enough. The World will never bring you to repentance, and either will the trail of you.

My message isn't perfect, because I continue to lack understanding. Funny how I am able to be used in this horribly imperfect vessel that currently makes me up huh??  With understanding I too will become the enemy if the World. The World will hate me then, because I will be a light of truth, and I will be more powerful than the sword.

This here now is part of my path. To be this way, and help bring people along.

Easy??  Mostly, because I have help. I am shielded from the horribleness that makes up people. Arrogance, and believers of false truths, and it is the truth that is the crazy part. The value we place on ourselves is very far from the truth. We seek trophies, and letters of acceptance, and continue to strive after the pomp and pageantry of society, cuz we have no time to seek out the acceptance of the perfect. Why??

Cuz we are waaaayyyyyy to important for that.

See??   You people are crazy right??   :)

Xoxoxoxo.  MWAH!!!  :)


p.s.  I used my phone, and didn't proofread. Please forgive typos and what not.

Bye all.  :)

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