Thursday, April 9, 2015

What If???

Hello and good morning all. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. We got our taxes done yesterday, and that came out pretty good. The state will give us a good sum of moneys and the Feds will take our moneys to pay off what we owe on a screw up/ try to pull one over on them/ lazy bad filer from a previous year.  I am not sure what I owe the Feds, but I found a sheet of paper from a while back, and it looks like we'll owe them still $300. So that is pretty good. My mistake/ damn they found out was like $2500 or so.  ;)

We also set ourselves up to be pretty poor for a couple months, but to just get everything caught up and quit fucking around. When it comes to doing everything by the book and following society's path to misery and death I don't always have a give a fuck attitude. For little things to make our life a little easier though what the heck.

Anyway that is that. This blog can be about a lot of stuff, but why not what if??

Not the one you think about either. Not what if I climb Everest or did such and such a thing, or whatever you contemplate your arrival into Valhalla among all the cheering multitudes might be.

I say what if as you stand now you are not good enough.  What if out there are serious things you must deal with, because following the status quote of every other person in the World just isn't going to cut it.

What if I told you to become a better person than as you are now is possible, but not in the ways you think??  If you were to become a better person don't you think you'd be much further along than what you are now.

I am here to tell you what if isn't what if. I am here to tell you the tough stuff. We aren't good enough. Your hearts can be better, and the path of you is just a one way ticket to not what you really seek.

What you seek is meaning, and acceptance, and freedom from the chains of everyday life, and the freedom from the stress and chains society throws around our neck.

You want to matter.

You are able to become a better version of yourself, but it is different than as the World teaches. The path is one of humbling truth, because the World is wrong. We aren't good enough, and we aren't strong enough, because the World will judge us, and it takes a strength higher than our own to stand up to that.

Anyways, that is it for today!!!  :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

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Love You All!!!  :)))

p.s.  It's been raining a lot last night and this morning.

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