Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Great Divide...

Hello and good afternoon all. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I slept good this morning, and now I have coffee. I'll take hope out in a bit for a run.

I think of how I see things, and contemplate how you see things, and I realize there is a great divide. You cannot come to my side without help. You cannot be like me. I am open, and able to be viewed. You are closed and dark. I know this cuz I was once too. You have no idea the difference of how I am compared to how you are. You've never felt what it is like to be like how I am, and you don't even know it is possible.

So things I take for granted as standard truths about this world and life are no brainers for me. Easy to accept.  The World is all you know so you try to find meaning here. It is a big place you know.  Humans are like little ants being busy doing their stupid shit. It is important in their minds to do their stupid shit in the little World that makes up their life.

You will not graduate an ant's life just doing what you have always done. Everything I am is out of reach.

Then you tie your life to just the overall need to be accepted in some form by people. Ants work together in their little World, and people not so much. We'll squeeze old ladies out of their retirement to line our pockets with money. We'll kill people for various reasons, probably mostly for reasons of money. We are human, so the things we do best are judge and hate.

Geesh even today I realize people probably look at Aaron Hernandez as a thug who hit his just reward. I look at him, and realize that dude is fucked up. Still though he just turned into the thief on the cross. He currently has an opportunity to be stronger than you.

His life is over on the outside. Now what??

Your life isn't over, but now what??

What are you doing??

You continue to look for that drug in whatever form that is going to make you feel good. That too is chasing wind, because what you seek is here. It comes in the form of denying yourself. It is easy for me as I stand on the other side, but you cannot see past your ant's life, cuz your little World is all you know.

You are blind, and you have a big log in your eye. It is impossible to remove without help.

It seems silly me being how I am, and you being how you are, but I guess it didn't have to be this way. When it came time for you to make the turn you couldn't hang. I went on to win the race, but much to my surprise there was no one with me. That is for many reasons I guess or maybe just one. You cannot overcome yourself.

You had one job.  :)  haha

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