Monday, March 30, 2015

As You Can See...

As you can see I can do this or not do this. These days it makes absolutely almost no difference to me. I have my story, and I have my life. I am done. It is over for me except for one little trip I must make. In order for me to become perfect I have to go and follow the one who went before me as others did, and as it is written.

How do I do that??  Well that summer long ago I tried to make it happen. I want I want I want the one way trip to suffering so I can be remade into the best of the best. That was the wrong way and the wrong path. I was led down that horrible path that summer I guess so I knew my own worth. To suffer day after day so when the "good" days returned again I would trust the correct things.

I learned to trust my way, and trust is almost perfected in me save one more little thing I must do. As it so happens it is my job to wait for you people. You may think being tied to you people is the cruelest joke of all, but it also is so I know how people have always been.

You aren't special. You are not strong. Your heroes are of this world, and their end will NOT be good. You cling to false teachers and false truths, because you need to see something to believe in it. You cling to the wisdom of the foolish whose wisdom does not go any further than what is on this earth.

You want your medals in the hall of fames that amount to exactly zero points. You cling to all the activities under the sun, and those also equate to zero points. You are sitting with one coin thinking it is worth a trillion dollars, and what am I supposed to think when I know the true value?? I am supposed to be impressed with the wisdom of the foolish??

You people are wrong. Your whole being is not good because you cling to the world, because it makes you feel "safe". You have no trust, and you are not strong, and your hearts are not right with who it matters most. You would rather cling to some sort of fabulousness even though you will look like complete shit when you are 6' under.

You are not special. You are numbered as the pebbles of the sand of the sea. I offer you a better path. It is a path of meekness and truth. A way to be special.  This is sorta the way it has to be I guess just so I can see people haven't improved at all throughout the ages. They just hide their crap in different ways.

It's a silly World. Not one I call my home. I am currently just a stranger in a strange land. Doing the job asked of me, because my heart was made for this.

As you can see this ain't no thing for me. This isn't either.

That is it for today!!!   :)

And all that other stuff.


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