Saturday, March 21, 2015

Being Blah, and a Bit Off.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  I am doing okay. I feel I have been a bit blah, and a bit off the last couple of days. Like nothing interests me blah. I mean I go to work, which I like doing, but like last night when I got home, I poured myself a drink, and sat on the couch in dark silence. I didn't want to turn on the tv or do anything. It was just me and my thoughts, and none of them were all that interesting.

I realize what I do here is open up to people. It may be good it may be bad. I may seem foolish or maybe not.  I don't know. I typically don't get a lot of understanding to what I write. If I am the fool so be it, but I suspect more times than not I don't playboy he fool. Who knows though??

This thing probably goes best when others are going good. Not in winning races or excelling in hobbies, but doing the things you are supposed to. Taking proper steps, having courage, taking a proper view of yourself, and showing the true nature of you.

All that is hard shit, because none is so strong to show our weak side. If there is a way to show a socially acceptable side to us that is what we lean toward.

Enslaved to the World huh??  People don't save, and societies don't save, but those are the things we cling to for our salvation huh. Our whole being is tied up into the propaganda of the day. The worst part is you don't know it. You cannot see it. The gifts you need of better vision are not yours for the taking.

The courageous heart you need to do the tough stuff is not yours for the taking. There is only one thing you can do to see you on the proper path, but your life is all tied up in you. That is because you don't trust.

The path isn't easy, and it surely isn't all fun and games, but if is worth 800 million more trillion coins than the silly worthless crap you think of. Life is a choice, and you have a big one. Worst part is you have good information. Many fall without the good info. I don't know the price of those who have the good info.

The mistakes we make are blind ones. That is why people ask for forgiveness for those who know not what they do. The shoes you stand in are no different than the rich guy. You know what you do.

This is hard stuff, and always has been. That is why there are stories of Noah, because a lot is expected of you. Not perfection and great deeds, but to be humble invite ways you should go, and by all means you should have fear. I lived in fear my whole life, especially during the active days. Up until the end of the journey, and the start of the wait. My work was done, and I was accepted.

I was given a courageous heart to do the things I must. Even now I stand not on the strength of this person who once was a little kid, but on the strength of the gifts given.

The labor is hard, and the forces at work are bad. Only one can overcome the ways of the World. It isn't you. Soooo soooooi many things that tie us down.  Yet people hold onto some pretty petty and silly things huh??

Yeah it is all a bit crazy.


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