Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back From The Dead???

I don't know.  I have gone a long time without blogging, and I really didn't give a shit.  I am very much a person who does as they feel, and I didn't feel like blogging.   I wake up, and my heart tells me I don't give a fuck.

In this blog you may be an important person, but you have work to do.   I am pretty sure there is nothing in my life I cannot walk away from.  I am free like that.   If that summer of way long ago is any indication, I have been made to not be enslaved to this World.

As of right now you very much are a slave to this World.   You are enslaved to all the teachings, and all the bullshit you were born into.

You continue to seek out the ways in which you are "special", but you aren't.  You and your life are as significant as a pebble of sand.  That is the number of people who came before you, and all were very much like you.  Trying to find their way in the World, and doing the "important" things of the day many of them.

Your value you place on yourself is based on judging others who don't measure up to the excellence you have attained.

One day you will wake up, and life may only have weeks left perhaps. It is there where truth lives. Truth does not live in the stupid day to day bullshit you pass the time with.

You are very much fucked up, because you are a slave to this world. What???   As moses was a type of him who was to come, you dont think slavery was a type of thing to be set free from??

 Yes, in a manner of speaking you are still enslaved to Egypt/this World.  Your heart is wrong, and you place importance in things that have none. Only way out is a turn. You OBVIOUSLY are way tooooooooooo important for that crap.  The worst part is you have been given good information, and you still dont do shit.  Many have toiled on this Earth without the good info.  That is some serious shit.

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extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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