Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nothing Really Lasts...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I am going to have a cup of coffee, get a bit of a run in, and go work for a few hours. I have tomorrow off, and that will be my first day off on like a month.

The reason for my title is nothing does last.  The things I place importance on are vanishing completely from my life. That is our end too. The realization that in the end none of this mattered. You take no parts of your life with you.

Sheesh I used to even place importance on this thing, and that is leaving me too. Perhaps a disconnect from me and you is I don't care. I don't need any of this stuff. If I carry nothing with me in the end, than I guess I don't need anything with me now.

As you are now it is impossible for you to stand in my shoes. Sadly I have been in your shoes, and I know what that is like. The choice to be either me or you is a no brainer.  I would not want to be you. I've already done that. I remember being told to remember my story, because you will not be doing it again.

As it so happens my story was hidden for a couple decades. It was brought back at the time it was needed. To serve some type of purpose I guess, but even now I realize it didn't do much. Maybe all this is the way it is so I place the proper amount of importance in me.  (Very little)

I am not a significant person, although my life was pretty big to me before.  I know the true value of my deeds. (Not much). I do know the value of the things done for me is a lot. Hard to really see and tell as I've collected none of it yet. My rewards are in safe keeping.  They are in good hands so to speak.

Then there is you. A lost and misguided soul, because that is what we were born into. Seeking your way in this big world, and when the answer comes right to you, it is ignored. Lack of faith, and lack of belief is really the downfall of all I guess. At least for those who received good information. I cannot imagine the multitudes, and multitudes of people who fell prey to the false teachers.

Such a big World, and to you your life seems really big, and the truth of everything is your life is insignificant. You are unimportant, and this World is not a great place. Humans make up this World, and humans don't do anything good.

Funny how we are just one big lie huh??  Somehow we are great, at least that is what we are supposed to think, but we are horrible people. If there is a good heart or noble deeds to be done the last thing we would do is anything selflessly.

All deeds we do that may be considered good we are doing, because we are counting our own screwed up vision of what our reward is.

People are not that great, but there is a way for your little life to be worth more than what it is now. Ya gotta go all in though, because you have no idea how bad your vision is. You have a huge log in your eye, and you cannot see crap.  That is because that is what it is like to be human. Bad vision, and a crappy heart.

Dont worry though you are not alone. All are in the same boat as you.

Oh well time for a run, and then work.  :)


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