Saturday, August 13, 2016

You Really Never Know.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am okay. I've been battling an injury/health issue. So much so I actually went to a medi center to get it checked out.

It started out of nowhere,  and there was some swelling internally. I figured that is probably not a good thing. I figured it might be expensive too.

I went through a lot of stages, and eventually came to the final one. I cannot do anything about whatever it is, so we'll see. I was ready for anything even if it was bad, and expensive. Even too expensive to not doing anything.

Turns out it is probably just an intestinal blockage. I felt better starting yesterday, and I guess I'll be okay. They did a test on my kidneys, and that came clean.  They poked and prodded, and no pain.

So that was good. My blood pressure ran a little high, but it always runs higher when I am at a medical facility. The guy asked me how much I weigh. I thought how the Hell should I know??  I guessed 170.

Normally this shit doesn't mean anything, but once your age starts creeping up I guess you start wondering.

Other than that not much going on. Working, and stuff like normal. I guess I've said I have the wilderness in me, and it comes out in here. The area in life where nothing matters, and there is little of value. I guess I am to lead you through this horrible area,  and without help I wouldn't be strong enough to go through it.

Back in heimleblog days I spent a few more days in the wilderness. I gave up. I cursed God, and said I cannot go back there again. I was pissed. To do what I have done only to be placed back there again.

I had no idea that actually, is what I would eventually do anyway. First I had to overcome the 2nd time, and as you can tell I still don't know how my days will look.

The night I gave up my heart was taken. It was like a dream/vision,  same as when I hit the alligator on the head  3 times. I didn't know exactly what it meant, but now I know on our own we are helpless.

The last few days I got a pretty good vision of the human heart. It is selfish,  and uncaring. It is how we all are. We all are enslaved to living an existence of WIIFM.

A life of WIIFM is a dead end life. You don't control your heart though. If you did you would make it much better than it is now. You cannot hide it either,  cuz your deeds show you how you are.

So for whatever reason we are going through the wilderness. I assume it is to tear you down. A human existence is one of arrogance. One that wants the pageantry and accolades one can receive from the World.

On this route we are going to get different things. Things you don't even know is possible,  and things you cannot learn from this World. There are no workshops to make you a better leader or other horse shit like that. Throw your self help books away. They are a pile of shit. I wouldn't be against burning all those books.  :)


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p.s. this weekend should be pretty good. Work, eat, sleep.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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