Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where Does It All End??

Hello, and good morning. How's it going, I am okay. Had an okay day yesterday. Work went fine. My mouth is starting to feel better. I caught up with my wife on season 2 of American Horror something or other on Netflix. I watched the first season on 2 days last week. It is pretty good. I ate a good meal, and read a bit before bed.  Time moves quickly, and it seems there really isn't much time to the day.

Sometimes it is impossible to not pay attention to the news. Standing to a song is not important to me. It means nothing. Standing to a piece of cloth means nothing either. All people in all Countries do that type of stuff I am guessing, and not one person has a say in what Country they were born in.

Your Country has nothing to do with Religion. Your Political correctness amounts to zero points. In fact Nationalism is one of the isms that bring War and killing and stuff.

Through humor people made us laugh. Seems the lessons of Ferris Bueller,  and Joseph Heller can be relearned.

I'd like to tell you what Country you were born in is of little significance, actually none. People have been giving their coin to Caesar since forever. In the beginning I guess other things were more important.  One came to say that is the wrong way to go about it.

People cannot really handle the truth though. You stand alone, and your groups are of no significance. It takes a lot to see where we really stand, and few are willing to take that step. Maybe none besides me.

Your life is not important. Your deeds are not important. You make no lasting mark. We are born into this World destined to be poisoned by the World. There is no way out. To teach a proud people the error of their ways is hard.

Everyone has walked in your shoes. A little person wanting to make a mark. It is kinda an impossible thing so you follow the pied piper aka (group) to a no good end.

You stand alone in this World. One day you die.  That is the jest of it. If you continue to hold onto Country and Society there is little help for you, and I lose interest in you.  You follow the same path as all others before you. You ain't doing nothing new.

For the record I am not a fan of Colin K. I don't think what he did matters in any significant way. Totally non news in my book. He isn't changing the World. Others made it newsworthy.

As to someone not standing for a song I don't care.  The last game I went to a game I didn't either. Not to make a point, I just didn't feel like it. It seemed dumb to do it.

People do cling to silly shit that doesn't mean anything. Getting mad at that stupid shit really is kinda funny and dumb.

You people have so much to learn,  but you don't wanna go that route. Who has the courage to throw all the crap out you've been taught since forever?? 

Not many.

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