Saturday, August 20, 2016

Had To Check The Numbers.

I am getting close to 1700 updates on this blog. As a nice gesture I think it would be good for all of you to go back and reread all of them.  ;)

J/k. I can't think of a worse thing to do. Yesterday I had another day.  Nothing too significant. Work, eat, sleep. I did take another day off, but am going after this. I was tired, and still sore yesterday. Today I slept in, and don't have to be to work til 9:00, so that's perfect. Speaking of work,  after today I am done til next Saturday. I will have as many days off this week as I had probably since last February.  :)  Now that's funny. 

Other than that not much. Just doing this life thing. Doing nothing really significant. It's life, so there isn't anything significant to do. I know people probably don't realize that. You ain't changing the World. You are not the best a person can be. The time you spend doing whatever is time you won't get back.

In other words like me you just aren't that important. We are strange creatures that way. Our whole being and foundation is built on a lie. The true foundation is one of humility and meekness, yet your hearts are far away.

You seek for heroes in this World cuz currently you are not strong enough to live in a World where there are no heroes. Someone had to do something right...   right? 

Everything you think is progress probably has another negative side. Technological advances are not really advances. We can make better video games, but that is hours wasted. We can make better cars, but people drive everywhere. We can make better fertilizer, and that leeches its way in the ground and water supply.

There are less farmers,  and more cubicle workers. I haven't done any math or anything, but I bet a cost/benefit analysis suggests higher education is probably not worth it if you are taking out several thousands of dollars of debt.

Being enslaved to that kinda debt starts off your working years in a big hole. Financial concerns will be a pretty good burden. Especially since in life we want to have fun.

Here is a secret. Life isn't fair. Not one person you are acquainted with is a Saint. None are perfect. Your heroes aren't. People who get awards created by Society aren't heroes. They just did something society awarded them for.

All amounts to zero points as does our life. Points come from different things, and it is what you seek. To matter. To live a life that matters.

Left to your own devices = it isn't going to happen.

I go on and on though. I've done my labor. I've gone through my trials, and endured tribulations. I was able to throw everything away,  cuz I was led in that direction. If life pulled I listened. When the real truth of me became known I accepted. When I saw the World for how it is I took the only step that made any sense.

Still not sure what a lot of you are doing.


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