Friday, August 5, 2016

A Day Came. A Day Went.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am fine. Yesterday I had another day. I did switch things around a bit. I watched a movie, and then read my book. In order to keep life exciting you really have to make major changes like that. ;)

Anyhooo yesterday was another non drinking day. I made an easy dinner, and was able to fall asleep pretty easy around 8:00 or so.

So what else???  I know the most interesting part of my blog is how I dazzle you with the never ending fascinating things that fill up my day to day.

The Olympics are starting sometime soon. I don't really care. People who aren't heroes are turned into heroes by the tee vee. I find the Olympics to be one of the things wrong with the World. Not the athletes competing. Just the TV making these people seem like they are better than you and me.

They are probably better at some Sport, but big deal. That's just shit people do. They aren't heroes. They poop, and pee. They Fuck shit up in life like everyone else. If they win a medal they still die someday,  and their dead corpse has no use for medals. All things we collect, and place importance on do not stand the test of time.

There is one end for us all, and a wise person sees far enough into their future to realize not very much of this shit is important in the least.

Some may disagree, but really...  you do know in the real long-run awards collected don't mean shit right??  You only have so much room for trophies in your coffin. None if you are cremated.

These are tough things to look at though. We want heroes,  and we want to find something that matters. Are you strong enough to look at the truth?? 

Are you able to ask the tough questions??

Does any of this matter?  It amounts to zero points so I guess the answer is no.

Do I matter? In a World of several billion people you are worth 1 however many billionth as everyone else is. It is like one coin in a big pile of coins.

In even the larger picture there were many more people who called this place there home for a while. That makes the coin pile even bigger.

The World grabbed you when you were young. Said somehow you were important. Special somehow. You listened to the World as everyone does.

Out of nowhere comes this average person in all regards, who lived a life. Found the truth and accepted it. Labored with a labor that was not mine. My job was to tell the truth, and teach the hidden way that I stumbled upon.

Not a job I asked for,  and perhaps not even one I wanted.  It was my job to do though, and I've been given everything needed to be able to do it.

The "winners" are attached to the World,  and I find I have a listening ear from those who probably don't think they are necessarily a Saint.

I bet the truth is a nice thing to hear, cuz the truth states none of you are Saints. It is only the ones who know this though that listen.

The rest live in chutes and ladders land where the World is nice and cozy,  and you know??  Heroes made by suit wearers on the tee vee are just that. Heroes.


That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  many people feel the need to hold onto the World,  cuz if that ain't real, what else is there??  You don't find out before the turn. That is why trust was important. Ya give up everything you know, in hopes of finding out stuff you don't.

I am afraid if you haven't been broken in life, chances are you don't have what it takes.

Love you All xoxoxoxoxo

Ya'All are the best xoxoxoxoxo

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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