Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some Days I Guess All You Can Do Is Put In Some Effort...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  So I am sure I have been boring you with so much talk about a stupid 5K, but I am not happy unless I am boring you.  :) 

Anyhooo, I wanted two things from the 5K I ran last night.  I wanted a time close to 23:00, and I wanted to know how fast I was to start the new year.  I got neither.   I won't go into all the details, but the first mile was easy.   My GPS thing lost the audio right at the 1 mile marker, so I was running blind.  I was looking at the runners near me though, and I felt we were going at a pretty good pace.  I was wondering how fast am I??   The sky was the limit at that point.  Then we had to turn. 

The next two miles the wind was not friendly at all. (wind was upwards of 40 MPH gusts, and 20-30MPH sustained)  I never ever ran in a race where the wind had so much say in the time.   My 2nd mile was 8:35, and that is typically an easy pace for me.  It was nothing near easy.   I was putting in effort and breathing hard.  I tried to draft a couple times, but then running was soooooo much easier you ended up on the people's heals, and it is a 5K you want to put forth effort. 

I guess if given the choice in a 5K give me drafting or give me effort, I want the effort.  It is what a 5K is all about.  Yeah you want the time, but we don't control mother nature, but we can control our effort, and I gave a good effort.   Not once did I go below my red line.  It was a solid effort the whole way, and I don't plan on really having a good 5K until April anyway. 

I wanted two things from this night, and I got neither.   I gave good effort though, and I battled the wind, and that crap only makes you better in the long run.   So still a success.   :)

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p.s.   OMG that shit is soooo much fun.   :)   You forget sometimes.   :)

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