Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hazz Blog, And Will Use It...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I guess I ain't horrible.   I got more sleep than normal, and maybe it is cuz I stayed up after work for a couple hours.   Reason I say that is when Lisa got up I was still sleeping.  A lot of times I might wake up when she gets ready for work, and sometimes when I am awake, I am AWAKE.  Today which promises to be a FULL day, I am glad I got some sleep.  I can get ready and work a few hours, and still chill for a bit before I run. 

There isn't a lot on my mind, but I have been known to throw a blog entry down here and there.  It is cold out there, but I don't think the temp will be fluctuating much from the 9-11 degree range.  The wind doesn't look horrible either, so it could be worse.    One of the guys from work said last night we were supposed to get anywhere up to 10" of snow last night too, and we got very little.   That is good.  :) 

Since I don't have anything at all to blog about, I think I will make a list of observations.   Some might be good, and some might be bad.  Not sure.   We'll see what comes out. 

  • Why people have to spend so much time thinking about money is probably dumb
  • Not that we are dumb for doing it, but dumb, cuz life is that way
  • Rich people aren't much happier either, cuz they are all getting divorced and shit too.
  • Kind of a disconnect huh??   We think the security of money will make us happy, but it doesn't
  • In that way the World is fucked up.  
  • In that way the World fucks us up.
  • Maybe becoming S.B. champs will make us better people.   Shit, Ray Rice is still fucked up.
  • There is a lot to life here for the living, and impossible for us to know it all.  
  • Hard enough to know the things we have control of.
  • The World is a big and busy place.   
  • Our lives are busy too.
  • All we know is what we have been taught, read, or figured out on our own.  
  • What if all that shit is wrong???  
  • Not wrong in the science is wrong and stuff, but wrong in that isn't the shit that matters.  
  • What if the people were given good information, but did nothing...
  • What then??  
  • Now that is a good question.   

I guess that is it for today!!

I ain't going to do the whole thing, cuz I ain't feeling it.   :)


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