Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Seem Tough...

It ain't no thing though.  We run when it is cold, and when it is dark.  I would imagine most of us wear two wicking shirts, and a breathing jacket.  If you went out in the cold like that we'd freeze.  If you ran in the cold like that you would come home soaked.  People climb Everest and survive negative whatever degrees.  Probably the most interesting thing is right now if it hits 40 degrees, we'd probably run in shorts.  First day in October we may contemplate running pants.  Bodies do acclimate.  Usually in a pretty short time. 

Speed work is hard. I mean we put ourselves in misery.  None of us have any dreams of reaching the top with our hobby.  Maybe we won't even P.R.  We still do it though.  We push our bodies, because it is fun.  You feel like a million bucks when you are done. 

A night of running is a night of conversations.  Lil Cathy drives from like an hour away to do this.  Why??  Misery loves company.  Sophia was scared of the first night of speed work.  I was excited the first night, and scared last night.  You always dread the effort you are about to give.  Jerry has been wanting to pick up a spin class for cross training.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and life doesn't give a crap about our goals.  You want to know one of the good things about running too??  If I got home after work about 2:00 or whatever, I got nothing to do.  I'd probably have some drinks and listen to music.  Hobbies are good.  Sometimes keep us doing good things instead of maybe a worse vice.  That being said all hobbies can be a vice, if it is an escape.  Even seemingly healthy ones, because at the end of the day Life still is real.  This ain't some fake shit we are doing here.  If you collect all the activities in the world together they still don't mean shit.  You won't give a shit about any of it when your dead.  You want to make a good name for yourself, and put your name on a building??  You won't give a crap about it when your dead. 

Ha ha.  I didn't mean to be so serious on this thing.  The world would have you fake through stuff.  Just last night as I was enjoying a Brandy after my run.  (don't normally do that)  Lisa had American Idol on.  I guess Steven Tyler said a 15 year old girl was good looking, while the whole family was on.  It is inappropriate for an older guy to say something like that to a girl who is that young.  Not right.  Taboo.  The truth of the matter is I looked at the TV, and from a quick look, the girl was attractive.  The girl who nobody really knows got a nice compliment from Stephen Tyler.  Young looking girls are pretty too.

As a matter of fact don't most girls as they age wish and wish and wish they could get down to their 14 year old bodies someway??  Isn't that a normal thing??  It seems to me it is kinda.  A girl and how they look is a big thing seemingly in a women's psyche.  How they look on the outside is how they feel on the inside sometimes I'd guess.  Guys look too.  We are visual.  We were born that way I think.  Thoughts about hot chicks or hot guys are real thoughts.  We have them depending on which way we like 'em.  :)

Well shit!!  This blog is all over the place.  LOL. 

Life takes us in a direction though, and sometimes we feel we are in a shambles.  I talked to Alan yesterday, and life happens, you will not escape it.  He is approaching 2 years the death of his mother.  Uncle was having some health problems, his Dad was going in for surgery.  Alan went through some hard personal times when the market collapsed, and bankers got a ton of money so they wouldn't lend to small businesses, and small businesses suffered.  Alan's was one of them.  You have personal family issues.  Pesonal professional issues, and the shit can beat you down.  I don't think I realized until yesterday all the things Alan has been going through, and still he was always there for his group, and his kids.  Life gave him a couple body shots, but you can tell he is ready to counter. 

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Christi said...

"You feel like a million bucks when you are done." That why I put myself through hell!`