Saturday, January 28, 2012

mornin all!! xoxo. xxxx. :)

 Hello folks, how is it going?? Me I am doing good. I have coffee with caramel/vanilla creamer!! :)

Well what happened yesterday?? We did our taxes. We went to a person this year, because Lisa didn't think I was doing it right. You hear of people getting a ton of money back, and we usually have to pay in a bit. I try and break even btw, so as not to give a 0% interest loan to the guvermint. We owe $400. On the bright side we will in a couple weeks get our profit sharing checks $4500 give or take, and nothing to spend it on. No bills. We will be all caught up on stuff. Most will go to a rainy day fund, and we will keep $500 to pay ourselves $250 for two weeks so Lisa can take a couple weeks off from work. Living without debt is the bomb. We are not smart with our money, especially fake money, but we are so dumb now the bankers don't even know we exist!! :)

I have a fun weekend of running planned. I should do some stuff around the house, and laundry and stuff...but lessee anything on my mind??

Confidence. Don't we all wish we had more?? Many times we view ourselves on a perch. We dress ourselves in nice clothes, and nice houses, but really these are not what define us. They matter none. Think of the Saddam pictures. Head of a Country for many years. The confidence of running a country, with all the security behind him. When it came to his end, none of that mattered. He was just a frightened man. That is our ending btw. None of the things we dress ourselves in matter. We stand naked so to speak. Confidence is a Spiritual Journey of learning your place in the world. Why do I use Journey?? I think because it signifies using time. Time and faith walk hand in hand. :)

Btw I followed another blogger. Mama Simmons. I cannot put her on my RHS due to phone thingies. Just so ya know!! :). I'll get her there eventually!! :) that makes her an xoxoxo person!! :)

LOL. Weird blog!! :)

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p.s. I think it is raining. Must be warm!!! :)

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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