Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Climb!!

Do you ever wonder the motivation of a person??  Climbing to the top has got to be a huge motivation.  I just found out Chrissie Wellington is taking the year off from Triathlon.  She is actually one I heard of before too, besides the bloggers I read, and have seen around with comments.  Retiring while on top.  I wondered why.  She gave kind of a non-answer, but you realize the grind of professional sport.  82 Basketball games in a year, and all the travel.  All the time given to Ironman training.  The workouts of boxing.  People take years off.  Jordan retired on top of his game only to come back and do another 3-peat.  Boxers always retire, and come back.  Climbing to the top, when you believe everything is possible has got to be a huge motivator.  So few get to the top, it is hard to know what goes through their mind.  We all are climbers.  Not many of us make it to the top.  I would have to say they are people too, and they get tired, and life is more than just one thing.  Not many know what it looks like at the top.  That is a whole nother ball game, and World up there.  Trust me,  I have been here a long time.  ;) 

Yesterday I ran, and did my 6 @ 5:15.  Nothing too much on the run, except it was getting cold, as the wind was coming from the North.  Tonight will complete another round of 5 running days in a row.  Sunday and Monday were nothing big, but I hope to build on at least Sunday.  I am fine with a Monday run to work.  Jerry and Ken ran with us, and we didn't time it.  For the record we hit 3 decades.  Me at 45-- I think.   Jerry around 55, and Ken at 65'ish.  I told both those guys at various times we all are getting old, but you two take it to a whole nother level.  :) 

I don't really have much other today.  I guess I'd like to give you a link.  Here is a witty guy I know, who seems to have a lot of interests.  He had an interesting blog entry.  You know his as a witty guy, and you realize there is other stuff to his life.  It goes to show you support goes a long way.  It can help pick people up, and continue on with their life in a more positive way.   Life can get us all down at times I'd say, and that is why I stress support.  Not everyone needs it all the time, but sometimes people do.  Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in our life, we forget the most important things. 

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p.s.  You are a strong person, somethings I can just tell.  Not everything is easy, but you are strong enough to deal with all life brings.  xoxo

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Christi said...

Yep, being on the top is really hard. :)