Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Things About Me...

Just this morning some things become clearer.  People want to do right, and want to be right.  For me it was important to get to a step, where I threw everything away.  Everything I learned just throw it in the garbage.  Start from scratch.  If there is a higher power, which I know there is, than he would lead you in a good way.  If you don't believe in a higher power, which many don't, it still is a search for a higher truth than what other imperfect humans have handed down.  It is a way to look at things more objectively.  Society is really things that have been handed down.  For those who believe in a higher power, than you really have to believe he is alive, and willing to show you things every day. 

Slowly, but surely I am starting to get a glimpse of people, and some of the hang ups.  Life many times is hard.  Raising kids is hard, having kids is hard.  Trying to make ends meet is hard.  Some days it is nice to just cuddle up with a dog, and have a day or a moment for yourself.  Life takes stuff out of us.  We are not always on.  I look back at my last year, and really it was a shitty year.  I was so less than perfect it is un fricken believable.  I was angry a lot.  Slowly but surely I can see life being back to a more better place for me.  A lot of  my hang ups are slowly dissolving.  I am getting to understand people better, and am able to be more accepting.  I had to work through some things.  

I guess this blog gets a little whack sometimes.  Realize, I don't put a lot of thought into what I write.  I wake up early, and go to town.   Do I offend??  I assume I do sometimes.  Am I perfect... hell no.  I don't even try to be, because I know my heart is in good hands, and I know I do help support people, and that is a good thing.  Even in some low points, I was still able to help support people, and that ain't such a bad thing either. 

Life has some real heavy shit in it.  We will not always be young, and we know at some point there will be some kind of a shitty ending.  We don't know the date, but usually the last of our lives probably ain't the best days, and we have that to look forward to.  Most of the stuff we do will not leave a legacy of any sort.  No one cares about our life more than us.  I think we think what we do is a hell of a lot more important than what others think we do. That is humbling I guess.  How we perceive our own value, and our own worth, many others don't value as highly.  We are our own best friends kinda.  I guess I am really blessed with a heart that supports, because when the gray days come, I can see through the fog, and see value in you people.  When the chips are down is when I think you stand tall.  It is when you are your most beautiful, because it is there where you realize you are vulnerable, as we all are.  :)

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p.s.  Lisa said it is supposed to be fricken cold outside, so I am driving to work.  I may go for a short run when I get home.  :) 

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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A little shout out to Damie too.  Life is crazy.  I knew her not at all a month ago, and now I feel like we are good friends.  That is fricken awesome.  :)  Wish  her the best in all things that is fo sho!!!   :)

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