Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Hard Road

I was thinking some time last night/early this morning the dilemma we have.  There is a truth about us, and there is the version of us we'd only like to show.  We all are different too, so my interests are not always going to coincide with others.  Who we really are is the good stuff.  The stuff we really want to get to know, but the hardest stuff to get to know.  It is a sad journey in ways, because hard stuff happens in life, and memories are always filled with a bit of sorrow for some reason.  Not everything about us is right either.  What we try hard at to be good at and improve ourselves on is typically what we judge people on who don't try hard at that stuff. 

You want to know the problems of my brother Jim??  He had real issues he had to deal with, but never really did til the end.  You get those fairy tale stories in your head of unconditional love and stuff, but people are imperfect.  We all have our own agendas, and grown ups like to have fun too.  So no one ever has a perfect Mom, Mum, or Dad.  We like to do our own shit too. At some point you realize life in many ways is a solo journey, because in the end you stand on your own two feet.  All the layers of yourselves are off at the end, and you stand alone.  Will you accept me?? 

It takes courage to take off your layers, because there really is only one who has the perfect vision, and the perfect heart to accept you, but he sees everything you want to hide.  Life is a courageous thing.  Honesty and openness is fricken hard, because you put yourself out there for all to see and all to judge. 

This is the walk we are on, and this is what I help to support people on.  Shit ain't easy. 

I do want to  say we ran the 10 mile route yesterday.  I added 3 miles before, so I did 13.  Lil Cath ran with Jerry and I, because she is recovering from injuries from last fall.  Some people you never thought would get injured.  Well she tagged along with us, because on the long run she doesn't need to go too fast.  She is a unique individual.  A real bubbly personality, and a women of many interests.  She likes doing projects around the house more than me.  She is learning to swim too, and she is busy with a kid, and a husband.  They have horses and chickens.  She is neat.  Running with people is the best, cuz you really get to know them.  I love running conversations.  We are going for 15 miles next week.

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p.s.  I took myself out to lunch, and had wings, soup, and some beer.  Lisa went out with her best friend Sheila.

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Christi said...

I accept you flaws and all! Will you accept me?