Friday, January 13, 2012

New Blogger Is Weird.

That is o.k.  I still love you all.  :)  Even if Blogger is weird now.  :)

OMG, I am pretty sure I have nothing to write about.  I look out at the bloggers I read and stuff, and I realize life does not come with answers, and the answers we have been spoon fed since our younger years aren't always the right ones.  Meaning we have to find our own way.  None of us will escape life changing events like death, illness, losing a job, whatever.  Maybe like a William Shirer society tells us were bad.  Can you imagine??  The U.S. Gov't telling the whole world you are a bad person??  Why???  Because fear mongering gathers a crowd.  Even if the fear mongerer is an alcoholic idiot like McCarthy.  Fear mongering comes in many shapes and sizes too.  Hitler was a vegetarian for criminy sakes.  :)  So you vegetarians are basically Hitler.  :)  j/k.   :)

Life is hard.  It is something we have to accept.  I told pumpkinsdiary girl that I think sometimes when we feel the most lost and most confused is when we grow the most and learn the most.  So our hard times are definitely endurance events, but on the other side comes answers.  We all have questions in life, and it is through our hard times we learn the most, because it is when we open our eyes and ears the most, and pay attention. by told I mean blog comment.  Obviously I don't talk to her.  She thinks I am a loon probably or something.  Maybe you all do.  :)    Zany Joseph Heller days are the best, but The Howard Zinn days are the most important probably.  He gives us the Joseph Heller days as a gift.  Time is on his side, and I think he lets time be on our side too.  Maybe that is why my blog is called "The Wait"  I would have done the shit I need to do a long time ago, but I have been led in a way, that I will do it whenever I think.  Not that I am so strong and such a good person, but because of my help.

While I wait he gives me plenty of Joseph Heller days.  If you don't know what I mean about Joseph Heller days and Howard Zinn days you will have to read the 600 + entries in this blog, and get my blogger password so you can read the however many entries were in "The Journey"  I want that done today too btw, and I want a report handed into my desk by 7:00 am tomorrow.  :)

Have a good one all.  Luv Ya's.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

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Christi said...

Steve you are such a unique individual! MWAH!