Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Blog Fall Down And Go Boom??

Hello, and good morning all.   I know I know I haven't blogged in a while.   I still read blogs, but really haven't commented much,  I know people try and show themselves, and open up, and I see it.   We all have our lives, and they go on.   We are important to us, and we try to make the most out of our lives.   No one really is any different.   We all want to feel good about ourselves, and get some type of acceptance from the people we respect, and like.  

We are not always confident though are we??   We don't always feel the best about ourselves do we??  What do people think of me??  What do I think of you??  

My life goes in a certain direction, although I am free to do as I choose.   Nothing really ties me down.   I don't have to do this, and I don't have to do that.  My deeds have gone noticed.   My path has been accepted.   I was led in the way I must go, and I have come out the other side where I was supposed to.   Not all things remain easy, and life is never really a picnic. 

I have said things on here, and they have been read but not acted upon.   Your deeds have gone noticed, but they have not been accepted yet, because many if not all are still on the path of you. 

You seek freedom.   You seek contentment.   Everywhere you turn you are trapped in your own little World.  I must do this, and I must do that.   People expect this from me, and I should really appear to be like this.  

Where is it said we are to hide our insecurities inside??   Where does it say always show our "tough" side??  Life is a losing proposition.   No one wins in the game of life, because none of it really matters.   I think you know it deep down, but you wanna believe in something.   You want to hold onto something that says this here is significant.   What I do here matters. 

What are we doing??  We are all little insects, and we are being flushed down the toilet.   There is nothing to hang onto to save us, but we keep trying to grab for something.   There is only one strong enough to stand up to the flushing toilet.   The toilet has no power over it, and it is that we must hold onto.   Let our life go down, because life still exists outside of our "comfort zone".   You think if you let everything you ever believed in go then nothing good is on the other side, or you have failed in faith, and stuff, but you fail if you hold on. 

Hold onto the strong.   You have me here who has been through it all.   I can stand up against the World, because I have help.   I have been made a certain way now, because this is my story.  

Life is a strange thing, and people make it all the stranger by thinking this and that is like the most important thing in the World.   There is nothing important in this World, and nothing important about our lives.  

If you can do one thing I would say don't say you have the answers.   Don't tell me you can work your way to make you the best person ever, because I know better.   I know the outcome of all the avenues you can think to take.   I know the outcome of your life, and I know how you feel inside a lot of the times.   You cannot fool me, because I know too much, and I know the truth of life.  

Strength is about letting go, not holding on.

Oh well.   About all I have for today.   cya.   

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