Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Coffee, A Blog, and A Shitload of Stuff to Do Around the House...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I didn't sleep enough yet for having picked up an extra shift tonight so I will have to nap before work.  I have a lot to do first though.  I have to shovel again, and do dishes, and start some laundry, etc...   It shouldn't take too terribly long to do that stuff though, so I will do that when I am done with this, and then think about the nap thing. 

What else is going on??  Oh not too much.  My life is my life.  The things I do in my life are seemingly different than the other parts of my life.   Who I am is so much more than what I do.  Maybe that is another divide between understanding me how I am, and also relating to how you are.   Our lives are definitely tied up in what we do huh??  Isn't that how we value us??   Via jobs, and activities, and many other things.   In this World there really is nothing of value, but we all place our whole worth on what we are doing in this World.  

What is the worth of me??   My worth is whatever it is said to be when I am all done doing what I do.  My worth is probably not too shabby, because of the blessing I received way back when.  I could explain a lot of things like that, but I don't feel it is my job, or my place, or that I have enough understanding to do it correctly.   Stuff like that. 

So what are we doing here??   Geesh, I really don't know anymore.   Seems we are at a crossroads of sorts maybe??  Some will come, and some won't??   I know I have a strength inside me to do as I choose.  Many times I am willing to help people, but some people you just figure they have all the answers, or can do stuff on their own.  That is cool if people are strong and don't think they need help I guess, but not my kinda cool.   Not my kinda people.   I let the strong go their own way and do their own thing.   Let's face it too,  I am not interested in too too many things, but I can listen to those with questions, doubts, and fears, and insecurities and stuff.   Those with all the answers I don't need to pay attention to, because they have all the answers.   They show only their shell, and I don't give a rat's ass of any shell anyone wears.   Saddam Hussein had a shell.  It was as strong of a shell as anyone could have.   The acceptance of his Society, and the respect, and fear that comes along with being a Dictator.   He never lacked for anything, but when the shell was removed he was a broken man. 

Many of you wear a shell.   Why??   Who do you need to impress??   Is it because you care too much what people think??   Those who wear a shell hide a lot of stuff they don't have the courage to show.   A shell makes them feel strong, but really it shows ME, you are weak.  

Wear a shell, I couldn't care less.   Take it off, and I am there, because I can support the ones who need it.   Those who wear a shell are those who use a shell as protection.   The World is your master, and you are afraid of the World's judgement.   Is that strength or weakness??  

That is it for today!!!     :)

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Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!     :)

p.s.   Isn't it kinda crazy this blog goes on and on??   Or not??   I don't know.   I still do it though.  :)

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