Saturday, January 25, 2014

What's In A Life??

Hello, and good morning.  I have a big day planned with stuff to do.   The bank I clean isn't open on Saturdays so I can clean Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.   I will do it today, and doubt I'll ever do it  on Friday.   So I have to clean the bank.  Get the oil changed in the car.  Get a haircut, and buy something for dinner.  That is basically it.  Not much more than that. 

Anyway as to my title, what is in a life??  I know most people hold onto some type of significance to the things we do.   This matters right??  This life??   There has to be some type of significance to it.  I mean why bother?? 

Well, as to our understanding it is the silliest game in the World.   That is our understanding though.  There is significance, but we cannot fathom.   There are important things, but we don't really get it.   All the things we do here in this place in the World mean nothing.  

Would your life have been easier if you didn't have kids??   Doesn't it even say so??   Would it have been easier if you didn't get married??   In a way yeah.  The 12 did none of those things.  You see this World here is not a good place.   There are no great things to do, and no great events to become involved in.  It is a trap laid by the worst of the worst and we all fall in.   There only ever was one way out, and even the people in all their infinite stupidity could not fathom what it meant.   Eyes need to be opened to see the word for how it is.   Unfortunately my eyes have been opened for a long time.   Sometime in the Early 90's.  I saw the sword for what it was.   So I knew all these things, and still couldn't put it to use, because the sword is worthless without understanding.  I have been able to use the sword, but only from the help I have had. 

There is a journey going on here.   A journey to the truth of life.   People still hold on like they are going to do something significant.   Like their life matters.   We are one of the billions and billions who have walked the Earth.   Here for a while, and our deeds go on unnoticed forever.  

We are born wrong.   Born thinking we are important.   Born thinking we matter.   Some of us even think we may make a difference.   Nope.  We are as insignificant as a piece of sand.   Big in our own eyes, but really we aren't. 

That is my life in a nutshell.   Go on and on and on, until you learn through hard trials and tribulations the insignificance of me.   Oh I have done things, and these things matter, but I didn't lead the way.   I didn't light the steps I walked.   I was just some poor soul who was taken aside to be rescued.   Some things I did.  I was given a pretty strong heart to follow the hints given.   To walk in the way intended, even if it meant me look foolish.   I was strong to overcome the judgements bestowed upon me.   Looked the other way when wrongs were done to me.  

Here I stand.   Strong, and with trust in who I am, and the way I go.   I stand alone in this World without needing anything.  

I accepted the truth when I learned it.  

I told people a lot, and I told them the way they should go, and here we stand.   Me all alone on this journey that no one wants to go on.  

Oh well.   I have a big day planned.   It should be a good one.   Oh, and I work this week at my old grocery store, and next Sunday I start at the new store.  The new store is in biking distance from my house, and running distance, and driving distance too.   I was told I probably will get 5 days most weeks, and the Assistant Store Manager said he'd bump me up to full time ASAP.  

I like the old store.  I had it pretty good there.  We definitely work hard for our money, and I like that.   :)

Later folks.   Where we are and where we are heading is really all up to you I guess.   I am on the right path.   I have taken the right steps, and I was led in the right ways.   It all comes down to ...   well I think you know. 

Later all.  

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