Sunday, September 9, 2012

What A Week...

Well, I just had an awful week last week, and I can explain, or not explain to you.  I really was thinking this morning why??  Sometimes I find the answers with what I write.  No different here.  There are two ways this can go.  It can go a really ugly way where you don't trust, you are not honest, and you don't brace yourself for the hard times in life.  All sadness must be accounted for.  Remember that??  I am going to take some, and I am going to take some of the ugly parts you cannot handle, because this SHIT is hard.  With trust it goes easy.  Remember about a month ago??  That shit I enjoyed doing.  This week not so much.  It really got ugly this week, and the persecutions were high, and really yuck. 

You cannot fake your way out of the shitty parts of life.  You have to be strong, and trust trust trust.  Be strong.  All these things. 

Very important. 

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