Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Have No Idea Where My Phone Is...

I am thinking that is not a bad thing.  Every time I see some "politically correct" update I get pissed.   Just a part of us.  Who we think we should be, and who we really are.  Propaganda disguises the truth to us, and we hold onto it to help us feel secure, and help us feel strong.  Strong is our weak side, and our dark side.  Strong is us with our shell off.  Strong means we don't fricken feel very strong.  Ya dig???

I am going to get me some coffee, and I will brb...

Some days I would rather just sleep in.  One of the hardest things you will have to do is be real.  Our lives are clouded with how we should be "right"  You know??  The charade, the facade don't mean crap.  In the end you have to be honest with your maker.  He knows your flaws, he knows what you think, and he knows what you do.  Looking at everything yeah... we ain't that fucking fabulous...

To run away from our dark side we can do this and that and this and that.  Cover as much of the 24/7 we can, but the shit remains.  We are who we are.   One of the secrets of life is Our weaknesses don't matter.  Our path is to get to know "US"  Strength is a gift.  It come along with a journey.  A journey to our past, and a journey for us to look at a reflection in the mirror..  We are not perfect.  Our heart is not always right, but in our sad reflections is when we get a picture of the good us.  It isn't in our 24/7 day to day bullshit.  That shit don't matter.

We are fabulous when we feel low, because that is when we are at our best.  That is when the World has no say.  The day to day means nothing at that point.

So by all means tackle life with courage.  The shit is hard.  accept it.  Keeping up with the Jones'es don't mean shit.  You mean a lot.  :)

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p.s.  please please please everyone try and stay away from the "Politically Correct" bull shit.  It isn't real.  It isn't you, and it makes me hate you.

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jsmarslender said...

Hey there, I was wondering about the title of your blog, "The Wait."

Also, as for the being pc about things - it's kinda odd to watch the politics from afar. I'm not missing the ad campaigns. : )