Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Watch A Block Of Law And Order SVU

Holy crap did that put me in a bad mood.  You forget how much ugly shit there is in the World.  Most of it we don't see, and perhaps don't hear about.  There are two views of the World so it seems.  The White Picket Fence view, and the other one.  I was talking to a guy at work yesterday, and we were both saying life is much easier if you don't have an unrealistic view of it.  There is a view Society tries to give you, and ours in the States are "The American Dream" , the white picket fence, the work harder and you will get paid more.  Stuff like that.  Life has a bunch of shit in it.  All your little slogans really are a bunch of Bullshit. 

So that is where I went watching that horrible show.  I went down the OMG I forget how ugly life is, and all the crap in it. 

What is one to do??  Well me right now, I am going to get some coffee. 

Actually, I have nothing to write about, so I am going to read my book. 

later.   :)

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