Wednesday, September 5, 2012

801st Post From The Wait...

Good Morning all.  Welcome to my 801st post from this blog.  I woke up late yesterday... around 4:00 am, so I didn't have time to blog, or even read blogs.  Well, I could have read blogs I guess, but didn't want to. 

Yeah, it was one of those days, where I didn't give a Shit about people too much.  It happens.  Any of us perfect??  NO!!  Who the fuck quotes Abraham Lincoln as a way to tell people to be good??  He used Grant, and the Emancipation Proclamation to kill people.  Not by any great thing in his heart, but as a calculating schemer full of deception, and hate.  He had a General in the likes of Robert E. Lee in McClellan who would have got the job done with brains and honor.  He was not patient, and he was an Asshole.  He was on the right side of the War but was an ASSHOLE Commander in Chief. 

Ahhh Fairy tales Fairy tales.  We only believer the Bullshit we learned in 5th fucking grade??? 

So there, my piece done about that. 

In our heart is wisdom, and in our head is Bullshit.  Most people try and write with their head, so as to put a good foot forward.  Few have the courage to write with their heart, because it opens you up. 

Kudos to Colleen for opening up yesterday, and kudos to Boston Kim for stepping up.  In a post that needed support unlike many you read, as usual Boston Kim stepped up.  That is how this shit works. 

That is the shit that gives me energy.

Life has shit in it.  We suck as people, and we are weak.  We only want to show our "good" shit, and not our bad shit, because we all judge like Mother Fucking Assholes. 

Try and be Real folks.  Life is full of death, and filth, and hate, and Wars, and Murders, and stupid fucking teachers who try and tell us Abraham Lincoln was the best person in the World. 

Yeah...  Life sucks.  You see it, you feel it, now all you have to do is accept it and be done with the charade. 

Thanks.  :)

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