Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not My Best Day...

Yesterday we did the cross.  I was going to show the elevation, but it must have been on a post a couple years ago.  I looked at the entry from a year ago.  I said the same dang thing.  I forget how hard the cross is.   LOL.  I was thinking all day yesterday I did not have my best running day.  My legs were tired, and I never felt that great.  I know when I feel good the final leg home of the cross turns into a tempo run.  I didn't tempo this run home. 

Just some things I remember, the first leg to the cross is hard.  Out to the 2nd leg isn't too bad, but what you go out on, you have to come back on.  We come back, and our final climb is a roller coaster hill.  OMG, did that hurt.  You keep looking where is the end....UGH.... that far still.   Climb for another minute or so.... look again.... UGH  am I in the same spot???    :)  Out on leg 4 is pretty easy, but like I said what you go out on you have to come back.  Leg 5 I got dropped like a bad habit by Jerry.  That is the hardest leg.  A lot of climbing, and not enough recovery before the next climb.  You never feel comfortable.  To be honest my legs felt like crap the whole day, and I never felt really good.  One of those days?? or just a bump in the road.  I'll know more today when we run.  If it is just a bump, I'll plan on doing a  double on Tuesday.  If I am still sluggish, I will just run the 6 on Tuesday.  We will see.

Anyway I was just thinking of something.  As you know Whitney Houston just died.  You wonder about life huh??  Here is this girl who has all the fame, all the admiration, and all the money, and all the talent.  She is on top of her game, but yet she still battled through all kindsa things.  Many of us will never know what it is to reach the pinnacle.  All we desire, and all we wish is many times  a life like Whitney's.  There are soooo many stories of people like her.  It makes me wonder of that triathlete who is taking a year off.  She has achieved everything she wanted, and yet it appears she wants more to life.  It isn't all about training, and racing.  There is something more for us to seek, which will bring us fulfillment.  There is more to life than what we think we want in other words.  Don't always trust our own understanding, because trust me, there is a higher knowledge, and wisdom, and understanding, and the funny thing about it is it is within your reach.  It is a Journey though, and a Journey takes time, and security is having and knowing things now, but taking time helps develop trust, and trust is important, or time wouldn't be something he uses to such a degree. 

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Christi said...

I love coffee! Great job on your run!