Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Plans!!

It hit me the other day during my run, and after my last post.  We have another year to learn, and grow, and do what we do.  If I do one thing, especially the last few years, it is not take anything for granted.  This year was a total waste almost of training.  I lined up in shape for zero races really, and actually ran one, that was horribly hard, and I was like 4 minutes or so slower than the last time I ran it.  Now I am healthy, and a tad bit out of shape, but when I could run, I did run.  Now with a new year ahead of me.  Yes my season is over.  I aim for next year.  My first thought is the Illinois Marathon.  It is early, and I actually liked the course, although I cramped at mile 16 and hobbled on in.  I cannot really say I am a fan of the marathon really, but I do love training for them.  Like I said before sometimes your best day may be in training, and race day may suck.  It is a long distance, and a lot can go wrong, and really to have an A day a lot has to go right.  So tonight we start building a base.  I plan on running on Tuesday nights now.  I am going with Jerry.  He is a bit banged up too with an Achilles issue, so we will start out slow, and build.  Let's face it though.  I got time.  My race isn't for like 8 months.  :)

I may still do the Turkey day 5K, but I have no idea of a goal.  I doubt I will be anywhere near 22:00, so we will see.  It will be a good measure to see where I am at, but I plan on doing no speedwork.  That can wait.  #1 goal is to stay healthy!!!!

Other than that not much going on.  I am getting ready for Fall.  I love fall, and more than anything I think I love change of seasons.  It always always brings a new perspective.  We had soup for dinner last night.  :)  Of course we bought it from the local lumberyard.  Can a lumberyard really be considered a local lumberyard if they don't sell soup, toilet paper, hangers, q-tips, ice cream, and butter??   I don't think so either. :)

 That is it for today!!!   :)

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p.s.  Can anyone help me out with a problem??  My BIL seems to think Yoda played on the '81 White Sox.  I told him no way, but he is pretty sure of himself.  If you could clear that up for me it'd be awesome.  :)

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