Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fight Night!!

Well this is my 2nd night of watching Professional Boxing, and man is that a tough sport.  Me being the complete wuss I am I don't know what drives a person to want to step in the ring, and punch and be punched.  It is you vs. another.  One person wins, and one person loses.  It is a sport for the courageous that is for sure.  You either win or lose. 

Anyway I knew 2 of the fighters from work.  Emmanual was the Michigan Golden Gloves Champ a couple years back and went pro.  I think he is undefeated, and he beat the hell out of his guy in 30 seconds or so, and the dude lost a tooth too, to add insult to injury.  I think Emmanual has a heavy punch, because he knocks a lot of people out. 

If you don't know Johnny is the other boxer, and he was the Main Event.  He was 8-0 coming into the fight, but this was going to be his toughest opponent yet.  7 of his 8 wins were knockouts.  The dude he was fighting wasn't undefeated, but he took some highly ranked boxers the distance. 

As someone who trains for marathons I know some days the training days are your A days, and race day, may be not your best day.  I think Johnny fell into this category.  I don't think he had his A stuff, but like an Ace pitcher he battled.   He got cut in the first round on his eye.  I didn't see any punch that would have done it, so it must have been a head butt.  Johnny's corner took care of it, and it didn't cause a problem the rest of the fight. 

This fight went the distance.  A whole 6 rounds.  Both boxers at times looked tired, but this one played out where the dominant boxer dominated a pretty darn good boxer.  No one was going to fall down in this fight.  Johnny was the only one who really got any good hits during the fight.  His opponent was a battler, and a good boxer, but Johnny must be slippery, even when he doesn't have his quickest feet.  There were times where Johnny was tired, but his opponent could not take advantage.  There were a few times where Johnny's opponent look tired, and Johnny pounced on the opportunity to put in some nice combinations. 

There were times where they both looked a bit tired and sloppy.  The match came down to Johnny's instincts.  Pounce when you feel your opponent is weak. 

It was a heckuva match, and my legs felt wobbly after the fight I was so nervous.  :)

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Great write-up, Steve! Who needs the Sentinel?