Saturday, July 1, 2017

Starting Another Day.

I've been sleeping in a lot so imagine my surprise on my day to sleep in I am up by 3:00. I putzed for a bit. I went to the Dr. for the first time in forever. My blood pressure is high, which I knew. It's run high since forever. With both my brothers history though he thought it significant. I'll get blood work done later next week.

I did weigh 162 lbs. I was surprised. My running PR weight is 167. I am 5 lbs under that. I don't run. I've been planning on getting new running shoes,  but we had to put some money in the vehicles so I can hold off. My knees won't be into any major running anyway. If I could; which maybe I can, I bet I could be fast for me. I was shocked at the weight though. Did not expect it. I haven't stepped on a scale in a year or two.

My brother John just had successful quadruple bypass surgery so he gets a new start on life. Time for his 2nd life. That could mean any number of changes.

I feel good to have a doctor now, and be a part of the health thing. It is a shame many cannot afford to be involved in their health, because the powers that be don't think it a priority. The systems the "smart" people have come up with are pretty shitty. I am not a fan of Health insurance at all. No way that is the best way to go.

Healthy people end up getting screwed. Pay a lot of money for nothing. Anyway, genetically I probably have a bad ticker. Like Jim Fixx was it?  The running guy who died of a major heart attack?  You can't run away from your genetics.

I am at a good weight. I don't smoke. I drink, but never to the point of getting a headache or being hungover. I could probably eat less cheese, at that stage though is life even worth living?  I keed    ;)

So I work a bit today,  and have all of tomorrow off. I work on Monday and have all of Tuesday off. My Dad is like 80, and still healthy, and my real mom is still alive and healthy. No cancer I know of runs anywhere so I use that too.

I am having a colonoscopy scheduled,  cuz I am at that age. That's about it. I am like 33 years graduated from HS, and I weigh 12 lbs more. I think that is crazy. I once was 217 though many years ago.

Today will be a day. There will be work and a meal,  and barring rain, some watering.

Til next time.


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