Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fitting A Square Peg In A Round Hole.

Sometimes I think that is what life is like. The Day by day goes so fast, and I am pretty sure no one ever gets all the things done.

I was thinking about just a few years ago where I was working 3rd shift, and every weekend. Now I work 1st shift and every weekend. That fits me much better.

Before getting up I was thinking about what I put in here. It probably seems depressing,  and I guess it is. Lives mean nothing. There are no points for you walking this Earth. There are no points for your day to day stuff you do. Sacrifices are of no value. Basically you are here accomplishing nothing of value, although I doubt you accept that.

I have gathered points in my journey, and none of it was my plan. None of it was in my 5 and 10 year plans, cuz I was completely blind where points were concerned.

Even now I know my story. I know some of the things that must happen,  but as to how and when I have no clue.

So we are here in the wilderness. You are saddled with nothing of value, cuz this place is desolate. All the things you ever believed in have been thrown to the side,  cuz you weren't born right in this place. Life is a thing  you would have been better off not doing. Only problem is you are, and it wasn't your choice. Some even brought more people here, cuz that is what people do.

In following the masses you assumed all this shit was right. If you ask the question what if everything is wrong? You have to be prepared to accept the answer.

Remember years ago I told you the hardest thing you ever do will be the truth. The truth is a nasty sort of business. It goes against the grain of all life and all teaching.

Few reach the truth. I did kinda accidentally sort of.  It wasn't my plan. I was led on the direction I went. Life pulled. I felt a bit of the wilderness,  cuz life looked stupid.

Metaphorically I told you years ago you have to drink the kool aid,  cuz you have to lose your life to find it.

It is a hard thing to tell people these things, cuz they dont really accept it. Only problem is though you have no other route available of any worth. How will you impress people with any activity in the wilderness? 

Here we collect no points,  and those who cling to things not true, well...   who has time for them?  Surely not me. I have way too many more unimportant things to do.

I'll cya. 

:)   lol.  Welcome to my blog.  Sorry,  not sorry.     :)


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