Tuesday, July 4, 2017

No Clue About A Title.

Good morning. How's it going?  I am fine. I slept in today. I did wake up at 3:00 AM, but was able to fall asleep for another 4 hours. This is my 2nd day off in 3 days. I wasn't totally stoked about the first one, but today is good.

It is Summertime now. A great time of year. We don't have horrible humidity.

There is nothing major going on with me as is the case most of the time. I go for my colonoscopy in Sept. Can't wait.  ;)  j/k.

My cucumbers are coming in. My tomato plants are great. A couple already have little tomatoes starting. Squash will be coming pretty quick. Beans too.

Other than that just doing day to day. Nothing too exciting, and nothing too crazy.

Life is kinda a crazy thing. We don't master it, and we don't beat it. Death eventually overtakes us all.

Somehow I imagine we all want to be special. Unique. Something about us that singles us out from others. I learned my truth long ago, and unfortunately everyone else's too. We are so not special. We are nothing significant,  although we think we are. We think our life is. If we were one of the people who got bombed in Dresden we'd be remembered as much as them. People would think about you as much as you think of them. Life is random. It is a dangerous place this World,  but really death wins no matter what.

Life is filled with time. From day of birth til death, and most important decisions are based on that final thing. You don't escape the end line.

It us up to you to make the wisest decisions based on your certain death. You may not be able to see the finish line, cuz if life hasn't beaten you down my guess is you cannot and will not overcome yourself. If that is the case you are wasting your time coming here. Conversely you are a waste of my time too, cuz I am doing what I do. Not what I asked,  and not what I mapped out.

In the wilderness no one is special either so there is that too.

Anyway. Today will be a day. Going to a cook out at Hawaii Brian's,  and tomorriw we start the work thing again.

Til next time. Not sure when that will be, because it feels like this blog is running out of things to say.

You never know though.


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