Tuesday, July 18, 2017

X Off Another Day.

I just marked another x off on the calendar. That puts me one step closer to my goal. Oh wait, I don't have any goals. Shoot, but if I did...

Anyway, yesterday was a day. It was okay as far as days go. I got everything done at work I wanted besides one thing we were short on ingredients. It comes in today though. I made zuchinni bread when I got home. I fudged the recipe a bit, cuz I didn't have baking powder, but the flavor was good. It still rised a bit too. I underbaked it a bit, but it has good flavor. I added some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon too to give it a bit of that flavor. I have stuff to do with extra zucchini besides grilling it. I can make muffins too. Wanna know something about that?  It is fun. Even the cat liked it, cuz there are a bunch of chunks off the top of it this morning.  :)

Anyhoo,  other than that not much going on. Lisa's brother took us out for dinner. We did bogo,  and Lisa had nachos. We had a couple beers. He closed on his house in Hawaii last week, so his life is settled down. He just wants to find a way to have his money make money. He wants to be retired at 44 or however old he is.

I don't have much on my plate today outside of work. I should clean the kitchen when I get home, water the garden. I'll probably listen to my book, and we'll have a meal.

I guess my life is uncomplicated. I don't look back at anything. There are no miscalculations I made. The grass doesn't look greener anywhere, except in my own life. I have no desire to be anyone else, but me.

I can look at anyone's life, and it doesn't matter who. I'd rather be me than you, cuz I've already done most of my stuff. Who I am today is not who I would be if I haven't done what I did.

A story started long ago, where in a way I am in another dead year area. We aren't doing much really, and the serious stuff that can pop up anytime isn't really here now.

We all wait kinda, but I am not sure for what. I assume people will be pulled from life, but I can't say for sure.

All I know is I have one final thing to do. It is what I wanted decades ago, although I know it won't  be pleasant.

Life goes on though,  and it would be interesting maybe to see it through your eyes, but maybe not too.

I know too much which is a problem. I know hearts deceive, and people do too. Everyone probably  thinks they are special in some way. Unique in a way that sets them apart.

We aren't though. One of the trillions who walked a short time in this place.  Not really doing anything,  but living day to day. Everyone at some point has been deceived at their own seeming importance is my guess.

We are all we know. Our minds don't really graduate past our human understanding, unless we go down a very unique path. The road less traveled as it were. The one we are not the author of.

I suspect some think they've gone down that path,  but nothing could be further from the truth. You are a product of this World, society,  upbringing, and you. You haven't graduated past the multitudes. You are a part of them.

Anyway, I guess that is it.

Today will be a day.


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