Monday, July 10, 2017

I'd rather read my book.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am fine. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I worked, and pretty much just listened to my book during and after work.

We had our party on Friday. It was fun, but I am pretty sure we'll never have one again. Too much work,  and too much clean up. Not that I really did much, but it seems like a lot of effort. 

For some silly reason I was doing shots with one of Lisa's work mates. Silly. Pretty fun though. I got about as hungover as I get, which is basically a little tired. I slept almost all the way til I had to go to work. We had a ton of beer left over. Still do. I gave a case to Lisa's friend.

Life goes on I guess. Not much major going on with me. Trying to get through my books I guess, and watering my stuff. Life is pretty busy really. It seems there are more things to get done than time to do it. My life is easy too. I sometimes wonder of people with kids, and how much they must mess up every day of their lives.

Social functions to attend, work,  cleaning,  Bill paying,  whatever. Life seems like an avenue of complete failure,  which we wrap in a nice clean sheet, and show the World we are blameless   say the right things, wear the right clothes.

These days I don't really look at much.  There isn't much to see, and I tend to think people are afraid to show their most honest self.

People judge so who can stand up to It?  After our party I kept thinking of how all these people shared in just a bit of my life.  Kinda random and stuff, but we all still live separate lives.

The perfect life, and the perfect life situation is out of grasp. Our hearts always yearn, until you can realize and accept the truth. You are here for a while, and then you will pass. As far as I am concerned the days are filled with work, eat, sleep,  but that is what my heart is content with,  cuz when I pass none of it even mattered in the long run.

Anyway I am going to read my book.

I'll cya later.

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