Monday, July 17, 2017

Things Seem Different To Me.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I had a pretty normal weekend. I was pretty unplugged which I find myself doing more and more. I actually got an email from FB saying a lot has happened since you last logged in. That never happened before,  so I still haven't logged in. I didn't log into the other one either this weekend.

No reason really, except I wasn't really interested in seeing anything. On Friday I binge watched a show on Netflix. Gypsy I think it was called. A Netflix original. One season 11 episodes. It is about a shrink who gets involved in her clients lives. Totally unethical, and her life starts getting tied up in lies.  It spirals out of control. I don't know if it was a good show or bad,  but I liked it. I finished listening to my 30 hour book finally.  The Goldfinch. I liked that. Got another book to listen to. I have to read my other one too. Started arrested development. Checked my garden yesterday and watered it. I have like a foot long zuchinni. Oops.  :)  it is wider than my arm. Our car got fixed too. Not sure what to do with it.

A pretty good weekend I guess. I stay entertained. I saw a movie yesterday too. Baby Driver with Kevin Spacey.

Why are things different now?  Remember how I say I get interested in less and less stuff. I am interested in real life I guess. You get that from books and movies. Maybe that is why I have zero interest in logging into social networking. You can pretty much guess what you'll see before you even look.

Life is pretty fucked up for all really. You don't control your heart so that thing can take you down any number of roads. You aren't perfect,  and either is anyone else you are acquainted with. Nothing you can do about it. Lives are busy. One day you wake up, and you realize a week has passed in a blur. Next thing you know you are 40. 50 comes next and so on.

Life is about loss and imperfection. Along the way people die, and you will too. Your end you will not escape. What I cannot tell about people is how they feel now. Life grinds on, and it is a pretty silly thing. We all our working toward the weekend and retirement I guess, but that is supposed to be the fun stuff I guess. I work weekends, cuz I don't really need a day off. I don't really like vacations either.

So what am I working toward?  Nothing. I am here for the day to day.  I don't like hanging out at beaches or anything. I like being at home. I am boring, and really we all are, cuz we aren't doing anything real exciting in life, cuz there isn't much exciting about it.

Anyway, this was a dumb entry.  I don't care though.


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