Thursday, June 29, 2017

Up Early With Coffee.

I am up early today. For some reason I have been sleeping in. I usually assume I'll wake up, and do this. Sometimes I'll start one and delete it, cuz it is dumb.

Anyway I remain busy with work and stuff. My veggies are coming in good,  and my front lawn looks good. The tractor sprinkler is pretty sweet,  and easy to use.

My brother John is going in for a triple bypass today. He is 52. He carries an extra 100 lbs. My brother Jim died before 50, and he carried an extra 200 lbs.

I have no idea how they ate. Fast food a lot I presume. Not sure if they ever really made real meals. I like cooking. Lucky for me my jobs are not sedentary. I carry no extra weight I don't believe. Genetically I could carry extra weight, but my appetite isn't in to huge portions anymore, and I  am too busy I think.

I did think of life though. Mine is pretty normal. My childhood was just fucked  up enough to be normal.

What does a lifetime amount to?  You follow society along the whole way. Go to school, get jobs, have kids, and get a house. If you are normal you probably have been divorced. If you are normal maybe you haven't.

One day you still are going to die. On the outside looking in my life has to be boring as Hell.  I still work, and look forward to a meal at the end of the day. The World and life probably carry a lot of promise for you. Exciting and Earth shattering stuff, but it is really nothing we do. Outside of work, eat sleep you may have a hobby. Something to occupy the time.

Inside all people is probably some idea of happily ever after. We are here a while and then gone. I don't know, there isn't much to life.

I guess everyone carries baggage in life. It hasn't been fair. I've gone through my baggage and dealt with it. So nothing ties me down. I don't have to pretend about anything ever being perfect. The funny thing about my route is in the end I owe no one anything. I don't answer to people. It makes me cold hearted probably, but none of our hearts are perfect to begin with.

So here is an update. It is about me and my life I guess, which I find to be pretty boring kinda. I don't mind boring though. I'll still have a meal at the end of the day.

Dumb entry I know. Who cares though.

I'll cya.

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