Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Day Another Entry.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Knock another day off of the days that fill my life.

I was thinking yesterday. Someone said they would not want to live forever,  cuz why would you even get out of bed?  You can put off for tomorrow everything.

All things being equal if I were to live forever I would do exactly as I am now. I wouldn't change anything.

I wouldn't go out and try new bucket list things, cuz there is nothing in my bucket list. I would not go out and learn all the things,  cuz the learning I want is blocked. It is a gift I will get eventually, but it isn't in my power to grab it.

Everything out of life I already get. A content heart. That too was not in my power to have.

The things I wish for today is good tomato plants, and my other stuff. You know a day of labor,  hang out a bit, and a good meal followed by a good night sleep. Typically I get this most of the time.

As far as other people I know they lack stuff I currently have. A content heart is pretty sweet. A promise all for good is too. Living fully open has been a strength of mine forever. To be seen. To live in the light you have no idea. It is a spiritual thing. Something felt not seen. Invisible to the eyes, but definitely something you feel. Kinda like something sore like a pulled muscle or something. You don't see it, but you do feel it.

You do not have that,  because that is post eye of the needle stuff. You are still as you were born here. A human with whatever flaws. You were born not perfect,  and you didn't somehow achieve it. People grade on their own scale. X and y do this,  and I do this. You should try grading you with no scale. Take x and y out of your equation,  cuz that does not matter one bit as far as you are concerned. Now all that stands here is you. That's all.

I know how those grades come out for everyone. Maybe you should think about that. If I wasn't here doing this. If I didn't go my separate way to be singled out to learn these things you would never know.

You would just continue doing your life thing blind to the truth. Much as you are doing now.   :)

There are questions to life, and in the end you would do better to question stuff instead of relying on your flawed understanding.

I know this cuz understanding is what I wanted all along. I think really what I wanted was security, and I figured understanding would give me that. I knew the path to understanding, and I knew after I would be the best a person can be. What I learned is security comes before understanding.

You can see I walked pretty blind. My mind didn't know my route. There are no 5 and 10 year plans on my journey.

Anyway. I'll cya.

Have fun. 

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