Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gotta Try To Do This.

Good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am doing good. I've been away a while. No reason really. I started to blog on Monday,  but it was dumb so I deleted. I slept in yesterday, even Saturday I slept too late. That is my sleep in day too.

No biggie. You aren't missing much not having my blog to read. Not much going on with me. I biked home yesterday in a cold rain. Like 60° cold. I know in November or March that is a warm rain, but not approaching July. Especially if we had the air on for a week. I wore long pajamas yesterday after work, and a long sleeve shirt.

I know that is just some pointless shit I am saying, but what do you think life is?  This isn't some remarkable thing we are doing living out our years. Truth be told you find yourself smack dab in your life, and you didn't ask for any if it. One day you came out crying, and the rest is history.

This blog kinda told you in the long run your life is not your own. It is one life out of a billion trillion gazillion. Happiness and contentment,  comes from a path not of your own making. Eventually all learn about this stuff, but it is important to learn it before you die. Hearts get pulled. Eventually all will look at their life and realize you did not matter one bit.

All have little short stories. All have family, and these stories are probably important to the few in your small circle.

I learned the full truth in the wilderness. I was out on my own,  and not one good thing was inside me. Little did I know I had to overcome the first time to get out of that area.

What I learned,  and knew all this time is I am not important. My life means little. Perhaps I had to relearn it a few times. The wilderness is brutal, but it does not lie. We are not important. Our time here means nothing. If you want a purpose you will be surprised. I cannot even explain.

Anyway life is kinda a trip. Especially when you know the truth, and none can accept it. If you cannot accept it then you have to somehow prove another truth, but there is none. You are in a dead end. Not one thing you can do to disprove a truth, except some musings of the foolish. There is nothing left.

How I am is pretty remarkable, cuz the wilderness has no power over my heart. I am too far along. 

Anyway, I guess that's good.


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